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elcome to ScuffleHill.com, the online collection of memorable photos and stories of Pannill Family descendents and former residents of Scuffle Hill in Martinsville, Virginia.
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Latest additions posted on February 2.
Please look through your closets, attic and drawers for memorable Photos or Slides that will appeal to the most Pannill relatives or Scuffle Hill friends.

Send Photos to John Franck and he promises to carefully scan them and return your originals to you completely unharmed.

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Adele Lacy James website
 - music, dance, performance schedule, photos
 - Will Franck's wilderness survival school
Bill Pannill's Daffodils
 - colorful daffodil photos - March 2000
Boaz & Ruth
 - Martha Rollins' organization
Chatmoss Web Systems
 - J. Franck's Web Development Company
DaffyBill's Daffodils
 - Bill Pannill's Web Page
Dance Dance Revolution
 - DDR
Martha's Mixture Antiques
 - collection of antiques, reproductions that are "fun to live with"
Ode to Betsy
 - Poem (will illustrations) about Bill Franck's bulldozer
 - Joseph Coates Carter Entry
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Correction to typo in large-type Obituary of Adele Dillard P
 - Carolyn ANN Franck Gordon
Crazy Alice.
 - Janie Carter Vaughan
Crazy Alice.
 - Janie Carter Vaughan
Lester Street House
 - Carolyn P. Franck
Correction to Virginia Windle's story
 - Betty Meade Cullinane
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