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Joe Carter found a huge turtle and had show and tell. John D. Martin is far left., then Joe Carter, Will Franck, Janie Carter, Dillard Carter, Margaret Irby, Dell Carter with Jeff Irby, Dr. June Irby and Buck Carter.
1961 - Martinsville, VA
Bill Pannill, Lucy Carter, Buck Carter, Melinda Carter and Will Pannill (photo-bomb)
1963 - Martinsville, VA
Jim Smith, Skinny Lacy, and Bill Franck talking shop!!
1963 - Martinsville, VA
The "Three Blind Mice" - Rusty Lacy, Andy Geoghegan, and Will Franck playing at Carters’ Chatmoss house
1963 - Martinsville, VA
Ann Franck, ??, Uncle Bill Pannill and Coates Carter pickin' and grinnin'
1963 - Martinsville, VA
Mary Lou Lacy (Moosie), Dell James and Frank James
1968 - Martinsville, VA
In the front yard to Granny’s Carriage House, with “Scuffle Hill” in the background. Late’60s Coates, Dell C. and Lucy
1968 - Martinsville, VA
1968 - Martinsville, VA
Uncle Bill Pannill planting Daffodils - Carriage House is in the background
1972 - Martinsville, VA
Grandchildren in Dell Carter's living room: Adele Mattox, Babe (Elizabeth) Carter, and Virginia Carter. back row: Pannill (aka Will) Carter, and Coates Carter
1973 - Martinsville, VA
Rusty Lacy, John Franck, Judy Carter and Virginia Carter
Taunte Frau with Dell Carter
Uncle Gordon Pannill & sister, Aunt Florence Pannill (Tante Too) with nieces, left to right: Carolyn P. Franck and Florence (Yonnie) P. Smith. That nickname Yonnie came from Aunt Caroline's early mispronunciation of Florence! This was in North Carolina.
1943 - Martinsville, VA
Joe & Buck Carter making faces, probably in Lacys' yard. Granny’s fence in background.
1943 - Martinsville, VA
Buck Carter on Scuffle Hill with Granny’s garden fence behind him.
Will Franck, Lucy Carter, Janie Carter, Coco Carter, et al. We don’t know who girl in the middle is. And we don’t know whose house it is.
1952 - Martinsville, VA
Baby Dillard Carter
1952 - Martinsville, VA
Dell P. Carter & Dillard - Between carport and Francks' house
1957 - Martinsville, VA
Pannill family Christmas Eve on steps at Granny's house
1956 - Martinsville, VA
Jeff IRby, Prue Irby, and John Franck on sofa
1957 - Martinsville, VA
Prue Irby, John Franck, and Jeff Irby at Irby's house on Scuffle Hill
1958 - Martinsville, VA
Marcia Howell, Jeff Irby and John Franck at birthday party - Scuffle Hill house
1960 - Martinsville, VA
Susie Carter and Prue Irby - portrait
1963 - Martinsville, VA
Prue Irby and Susie Carter - dressing up
1964 - Martinsville, VA
Susie Carter, Prue Irby, Melinda and Buck Carter at their wedding reception
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