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Correction to typo in large-type Obituary of Adele Dillard P
By Carolyn ANN Franck Gordon
I was thinking about so many of my WHOLE family, and wanting more glimpses of our past together. ALL of the whole Scuffle Hill site brought back so many awesome childhood memories! Thank you ALL for being a part of those memories and taking the time to record pieces of the best puzzle EVER here on this organically loving site!

As I was recalling Grannie's September 4th Birthday was just yesterday, I reread this typed version of her obituary. ...though it does seem like just yesterday, that she was present in her humble human form, I was STRUCK to some rare place of accuracy about time (which was not on any of my Franck-time clocks or calendars!).

Correction to the larger typed version: Granny was born September 4, 1887, NOT September 4, '1987'. Though she WAS quite YOUNG AT HEART! and still is in my heart memory book!

(birth year has been corrected)

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