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Lester Street House
By Carolyn P. Franck
I was about eight years old (1928) when my father rented the wonderful Lester Street House from Mr. Rives S. Brown. There beautiful rooms on the third floor, each with an open fireplace and stained glass windows!
Daddy bought a second hand hotel furnace to heat it, and had the third floor blocked off to conserve heat.
A wonderful porch went all around and on the side was a huge vacant lot that at one time held the high school may court festivities. At a later time a minature golf course was built there!
This was heaven for us children.
Years later, before the fire,there was a rumage sale there and Bill Franck and I bought 2/3 of the furnishings for our first home on Letcher Ct.
During the World War II years I was sleeping on the Scuffle Hill sleeping porch when this Lester St. house caught on fire. It was some night!

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