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Send Your Photos or Slides

Please help make ScuffleHill.com a memorable and fun place for all Pannill relatives !

Dig through your closets, drawers, and attic and find a dozen or so photos or slides that will appeal to the most family members.  Pre-1970 photos are best.  Send them to John Franck and he will carefully scan and return them safely to you. 

Be sure to write the following on the back of the photo or on a separate sheet of paper:

  • Year - the approximate year photo was taken
  • Place - the place (building, yard, etc.) that the photo was taken
  • City - where it was taken
  • People in the picture - try to identify them as clearly as you can
  • Other - other interesting information about the photo

Send Photos to:

John Franck
315 Plantation Road
Martinsville, VA  24112

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