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1943 - Roaring Gap, NC
Joe and Buck Carter in front yard of Granny's house at Roaring Gap.
1943 - Martinsville, VA
"Miss Raye" Womack (much later 2nd wife of Bob Whitener) with her kindergarten class, maybe hunting E.eggs in side yd. of "Scuffle Hill" (Don't know children) Year is approximate.
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1943 - Martinsville, VA
Buck Carter, Dell Lacy, Joe Carter, and Jim Smith at Granny's.
1943 - Martinsville, VA
Joe & Buck Carter making faces, probably in Lacys' yard. Granny’s fence in background.
1943 - Martinsville, VA
Buck Carter on Scuffle Hill with Granny’s garden fence behind him.
1944 - Martinsville, VA
Bucky and Joe Carter - on Scuffle Hill.
Gordon Pannill
1945 - Martinsville, VA
Birdie Hairston (server) at Scuffle Hill - party for Coates Carter's brother George and his bride-to-be.
1945 - Martinsville, VA
Buck and Joe Carter
1945 - Martinsville, VA
"Little Jim" Smith - maybe first grade at school.
1945 - Roaring Gap, NC
Buck, Dell and Joe Carter at Roaring Gap in Granny's electric boat
1945 - Roaring Gap, NC
Granny Pannill's cottage at Roaring Gap. Notice the grass thatched roof.
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Scuffle Hill
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