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1922 - Winston-Salem, NC
Aunt Ellis and Uncle Gordon Pannill with Carolyn Pannill
Uncle Gordon Pannill & sister, Aunt Florence Pannill (Tante Too) with nieces, left to right: Carolyn P. Franck and Florence (Yonnie) P. Smith. That nickname Yonnie came from Aunt Caroline's early mispronunciation of Florence! This was in North Carolina.
1925 - Martinsville, VA
Henry Clay Lester Home. Lived in by Will Pannill family before they moved to Scuffle Hill. It faced what is now Clay Street. Burned in early 1940's. Its garage building still stands.
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1928 - Martinsville, VA
Scuffle Hill house, shortly after its reconstruction. At that time, it was owned by Rives S. Brown. Notice the size of newly-planted trees and also the Barn at rear of house.
1930 - Martinsille, VA
Crazy Alice - a Martinsville character. Always wore black and same coat year-round. Often seen walking down Scuffle Hill and then down through the woods to the railroad track.
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1932 - Martinsville, VA
William Letcher Pannill, approximate age 51
1932 - Martinsville, VA
Adele Dillard Pannill (Granny) - photo taken at approximate age 45
1935 - Martinsville, VA
Will Pannill escorting Florence Pannill to her morning wedding. Anderson Memorial Presbyterian Church. The bride wore blue.
1936 - Martinsville, VA
Carolyn Franck (2nd from left). Who are the others?
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1938 - Martinsville, VA
Pannill Knitting Company, founded by Will Pannill in 1926. Located on Cleveland Avenue in Martinsville.
1938 - Martinsville, VA
Pannill family photo - outside Scuffle Hill house. (front L-R) Bill, Pat, Granny, Grandfather Will, Lucy, (back L-R) Carolyn, Mary Lou, Mike Sale, Yonnie, Dell.
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Pannill sisters: Annie, Lucy and Florence
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