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1925 - Martinsville, VA
Henry Clay Lester Home. Lived in by Will Pannill family before they moved to Scuffle Hill. It faced what is now Clay Street. Burned in early 1940's. Its garage building still stands.
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From: Bill Pannill May 22, 2002
I watched the house burn from the window of my room at Scuffle Hill. It was at night.
From: Betty Meade Cullinane Mar 26, 2001
I beg to differ with A. C. The house burned in 1941. Almost all of my parents wedding presents were being stored in the house and were burned. The only presents that did not burn were those they had with them, a pair of Fu dogs, and a few other things. The man sitting on the wall is my grandfather, Rives Spotswood Brown, Sr.
From: A. C. Wilson Jan 19, 2001
House was demolished, not burned. Had a wonderful brick wall around the entire block, according to Alec Wilson, Sr.
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Scuffle Hill
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