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1970 - Martinsville, VA
Pannill Mausoleum at Oakwood Cemetery. Built after the death of William L. Pannill. He was initially buried in the Keesee-Simmons mausoleum and moved into this one after it was completed later. Entombed inside are: William L. Pannill (with infant son), Adele D. Pannill, and ______ ? - Other Pannill kin are buried in and around this structure. - please help identify, if you can.
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From: Bill Pannill May 22, 2002
Save me a place.
From: Dell James Jan 27, 2001
I believe Uncle Mike Sale is in the mauseleum, also my mother (Mary Lou Lacy) is there temporarily. Daddy wants her to be moved to their gravesite and buried with him when he dies. What about Aunt Dell and Uncle Coates Carter? Are they there too?
From: Janie Vaughan Jan 27, 2001
To answer Dell James's question: My parents (Dell and Coates Carter) were in the mausoleum until July, 2000, when, according to Mama's wishes, they were buried outside the building, beside Buck and Joe. Also buried outside the building is Aunt Boo.
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