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1938 - Martinsville, VA
Pannill family photo - outside Scuffle Hill house. (front L-R) Bill, Pat, Granny, Grandfather Will, Lucy, (back L-R) Carolyn, Mary Lou, Mike Sale, Yonnie, Dell.
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From: Dell Lacy James Jan 23, 2001
...yes, but it must be 1938 because it looks as though I'm in the picture too and my birthday is November, '38. My mama wasn't naturally that fat! Or am I older than I think?
From: Janie Vaughan Jan 18, 2001
Wrong year. At the latest, this was 1936, but might be earlier. Reason: After Aug.,'36, there would have been another son-in-law (Coates Carter). Dell C. knitted that 3-piece outfit.
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Scuffle Hill
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